Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are an innovative solution to the housing crisis!

Free up your equity

For those that are house rich and cash poor, downsizing to a tiny house can free up the equity of your oversized home by giving you the freedom to save and spend on what matters most to you.


Own for the price of a down payment

With the cost of housing exploding in recent years and open houses turning into bidding wars, it can seem impossible for first time home buyers to get their foot on the property ladder. A tiny home can often be built for the cost of a down payment, giving you the freedom to be mortgage free sooner


Reduce your environmental impact

Joint It’s tiny homes are all built to extremely high standards using eco-friendly and recycled materials when available. We strive for minimal waste during construction and create super efficient homes that require less energy to heat and produce less waste. Our homes can also be built to be off grid. You can feel good knowing your carbon footprint is as tiny as your house.


Custom means custom

Each and every home we make is one of a kind and is designed to suit your needs and lifestyle. We don’t build homes that just look good in a magazine, but that are also functional. I love finding unique ways to add storage and to express your unique style.


A Home that moves with you

Joint It’s Tiny Homes are built on custom trailers that are as much designed for your lifestyle as the home itself is. With a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) if your job takes you to a new city, you don’t have to start from scratch but instead can take your sanctuary with you. To tow a THOW we recommend a 3/4 tonne dually truck or better, depending on the size of your home.


No tow vehicle?

Don’t have a vehicle large enough to tow your home? No problem, we do! As a Joint It tiny house client we’ll happily tow your house for you, anywhere in the country that you need it to go with our preferred rates.